Delta birding

It’s winter here in Vancouver BC Canada and our shores are being visited by some wonderful migratory visitors! I recently visited the delta region of Vancouver and was rewarded with some great wildlife sightings and photos!

Murmurations of migratory birds full the skies with the dancing waves of magic!

And in the background of this video, on the strait of Georgia, the BC Ferries boat sail across to vancouver island from the Tsawassen ferry terminal in delta

While Snowgeese sleep in a white band on the sea some trumpeter swans swim closer to the marshy shore – their lovely trumpeting call sounding across the water in beautiful melodies..

And in this video a young bald eagle sits perched on a driftwood stump on the edge of the marsh quite innocently watching the lovely swans when suddenly a northern harrier comes in and chases him away! Wonderful to watch the interaction between all the species!

Short eared owls are here too for the winter and hunt the marshlands along with the harriers in wonderful flying displays! I could watch them all day!

Bird watching is so rewarding – wrap up warm against the colder winter weather and get outside and be amazed!!


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